5 Key Tips to Help You Steer Clear of Fake Sugar Daddies

When you become a sugar baby Canada and sign up on a sugar daddy dating website, you hope that everyone sugar daddy you come across is the real deal. Unfortunately, like traditional dating, people will claim whatever they can to gain attention and get what they want from you. How can you know that the prospective sugar daddy you're talking to is legit and someone to continue dealing with? Is there any way to know this but getting too involved?

Actually, there is. There are at least five tips that can help you spot a fake sugar daddy and end the conversation before anything goes further. What should you be aware of? Here are some tips to show you what a fake sugar daddy is like.

He’s Asking for Naked Pictures

Legitimate sugar daddies will never ask you for a naked picture of yourself. However, you're bound to get one from time to time – it's the price that comes with the field. The best thing you can do is delete the message, block the SD, and move on. Of course, if you want to have a little fun, send him a picture (not of yourself but something naked (hairless mole rat or cat, anyone). After that, you can block them.

A true sugar daddy will never ask for naked pictures from a random sugar baby.

They’re Asking to Test Date You

You could be talking to a potential sugar daddy and even gone out together, and everything seems to be going well. Suddenly, they tell you that you want to test you out before setting up an arrangement. A test drive is for cars, not sugar babies. And, no legit sugar daddy is going to ask you to agree to it before they agree to a sugar arrangement agreement. Move on while at the same time blocking them from contacting you.

He’ll Pay Every Time You Meet

Some sugar daddies feel it's okay to pay for every meeting (every get-together you have with them). Sugar daddies are not John's, which is what these people are if they ask for it. A sugar daddy will agree to pay a certain amount each week or month – whether or not you spend a lot of time together. Remember, a sugar baby Edmonton is not an escort, and a relationship of this type is not about paying for sex.

He’s A Bragger

Do the sugar daddy you're talking to talk about the money he constantly makes, what he spends it on and whatnot? If so, then chances are he's not a sugar daddy and not even wealthy. They make promises of things they don't intend to keep, including sharing his wealth with you. Move on.

He’s Looking for a Bargain

You've posted your allowance range on the sugar daddy meet site, but he's haggling with you about it. A true sugar daddy will not haggle you down from a realistic price, as they know that you have allowance expectations that must be met. Of course, if you like a potential sugar daddy but have an out-of-budget range, you could lower it and change how often you'd be available.

When it comes to fake sugar daddies, be aware of their personality and writing styles. If there is any behavior that you find demeaning or dangerous, get away quickly. Always keep a fake persona with your sugar daddy so he can't easily find you. And, just because he makes promises, he may not have plans to make good on them.

For you, this means keeping your guard up and do your research on each sugar daddy that has potential.


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